Our Philosophy

The use of language binds two people together and plays a key role in our lives professionally as well as personally. We have brought together experts from world-over to teach language with a key emphasis on how to use it in our lives. Our stories have been written keeping real life experiences in mind that will cover the aspects of teaching the language using emotional intelligence.

Our technology enables us to personalize content and deliver it digitally through qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching students and forming a connection with them.

iNSTRUCKO is a global company, aiming to help the next generation succeed internationally as individuals and as professionals. We profoundly believe in a world governed by trust and tolerance, which is why we hire teachers solely based on merits.

We aim to provide a global experience breaking cultural barriers using the most powerful tool-language.

Our Team

Devvaki Aggarwal


Devvaki has been in the EdTech space for over half a decade. She lived and worked in New York, and moved back to India to set up iNSTRUCKO. Devvaki loves reading, traveling, and playing polo.

Manish Karani


Manish, born in the UK, but Indian at heart. Manish’s parents moved to the UK and brought him up through the UK Education System where he studied at University of Nottingham.

Dee Francken


Dee was formerly the Headmistress of North London Collegiate School and has experience of selection and education provision across the age range from 3-18.

Andrew Griffith


Andrew has worked for 25 years in the education sector – as an EdTech innovator and thought leader, senior company executive, school leader and teacher.

Ritu Vaish


A TEDx speaker with over 30 years of experience in teaching, Ritu as a teacher has no bar in age, having taught people across all demographics.

Piya Seth


Piya is a qualified sociologist with a masters degree in Sociology, from the University of Manchester. She is the Co-founder and Director of Arty Buds Kindergarten- an arts based preschool.