Selective hiring of the very best teachers

Well-rounded curriculum

Regular Classes

instrucko Classes

Purpose Prepare students for exams

Purpose Instil a lifelong love of learning to aid in academic, personal and career success

Structure Fixed

Structure Flexible and tailored

Content Curriculum/textbook-based

Content Fun, engaging and unique stories with prompts for discussion and interactive activities

Focus Solely academic; single subject

Focus Academic and emotional intelligence, critical thinking and life skills. A deliberately cross-curricular approach that covers not only language, but other key subjects like Math, Science, History, Geography and General Knowledge

Artificial Intelligence No widespread use

Artificial Intelligence Used alongside human intelligence to create perfect matches between students and teachers

Feedback Often one-sided and intermittent

FeedbackHonest and open dialogues with parents with regular, personalised reports to create a bespoke learning plan for each child

Duration 1 hour +: can drain energy & attention span

Duration30-40 minutes: optimal for young children whilst ensuring ample time for recapping, teaching and reviewing. Our students leave each lesson on a high!

Number of students Around 30: limited time & resources for personalised attention; a one-size-fits-all approach

Number of students1-3: personalised, tailored classes that can also benefit from close group work and discussion where relevant

TeachersLimited by geography

TeachersLeading experts from the UK and India